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Our Latest Blog Post

Hippo vs Hyena

March 31, 2014

Hippos are not an unusual sight at Nambiti Reserve. You’re likely to spot the characteristic heads and ears protruding from any of the local dams any time of the day. Sometimes we’re even lucky enough to see them outside the water, grazing in the areas around the watering holes. We recently had a very unusual encounter though. As always, the day started off seemingly ordinary, but nature always has some tricks up its sleeve. We took our guests out on a drive and as we approached a dam we were delighted to discover that the group of hippos were roaming around outside the water.

As we closed in we noticed some activity among the group…a hyena was running between the hippos, taunting them! These scavengers are well-known for their habit of antagonizing other animals, drawing out a reaction from them and generally causing trouble. The hippos trudged up and down beside the bank, with the hyena barking behind them, taunting relentlessly. It wasn’t long before their patience wore thin for his antics though, and they decided to turn the tables on their jeering visitor. Clouds of dust filled the air as we watched the silhouettes of the now loud and stomping hippos, with cries and cackling of the hyena in between the mayhem. Finally the hyena ran off, uninjured but probably with a slightly sore ego!

Who knows when and where the next adventure will happen…

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