Ele at Nambiti Hills
When we talk about the Nambiti Hills family – it’s important for you to know that it’s not just a bunch of rangers talking shop. The bush is not just our job. It’s our passion, our dusk ‘til dawn and a place we call home. So when we say we’re a part of the Nambiti Hills family… we mean it.

Lion Cubs at Nambiti Hills

And as a family, we love to brag and boast about our little ones, because here at Nambiti Hills, we’re lucky enough to have a handful of them. Some are clumsy; like the awkward baby zebra with an innate speed that they’re not quite used to. Some are playful; like the boisterous and spirited lion cubs who learn the importance of play-fight from a very early age. Some are reserved; like the bashful baby elephants, who spend all day tripping up their mothers. But all of them are seriously cute, and all of them hold a very special place in our hearts.

Baby Elephant at Nambiti Hills

To us, the babies at Nambiti Hills are like our very own children. We follow them closely, hoping to spot them every day; we have their best interests at heart, as we try to protect them as much as we can; we want to show them off to our friends – you, our guests – and we watch, proudly, as they grow into determined, independent young adults each with their own purpose and place in the great outdoors.

Baby Zebra at Nambiti Hills

While we’ve captured the cuteness of our Nambiti Hills babies in these images, there’s nothing better than getting up close and personal to a young wild animal in their natural habitat. So join us for a spectacular game drive soon, and you too will become a part of the Nambiti Hills family.

Until then, keep reading.

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