We’ve had the most awe-inspiring month here at Nambiti Hills – filled with incredible sightings, passionate guests, enthusiastic tours and some photo opportunities to really knock your khaki socks off. If you didn’t get a chance to escape to the magic of Nambiti Hills this month, not to worry, there’s always next month – when we welcome the fresh rains of springtime and all the beautiful changes that come with the season.

Until then, here are some of our favourite pictures from a great month at Nambiti Hills.

Elephants at Nambiti Hills
Both playful and clumsy, this picture captures the essence of elephant youth so beautifully.

Spider at Nambiti Hills
It’s not just about the Big 5.
At Nambiti Hills we stop to smell the roses, examine the dung and discover all the resilient little creatures along the way.

Lioness at Nambiti Hills
There’s a quiet sadness that exists in her eyes, and it makes her all the more beautiful.

Hyenas at Nambiti Hills
Never trusted, always close; the hyenas wait around for the perfect opportunity to steal a kill.

Lioness Paw at Nambiti Hills
A bittersweet moment, as a pack of lion takes down their prey.

Buffalo at Nambiti Hills
The perfect time of day, the perfect docile Buffalo… the perfect shot!

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