At Nambiti Hills, we have had an eventful year. We have seen many new faces, who’ve arrived as Guests, and have left as family.

We have had tremendous rains, seeing our river banks burst; as well as a fire, which saw the entire community on the Reserve come together in an effort to protect it.

There was snow on the Drakensberg Mountains in November, which made for unusually icy Game Drives in the summertime.

Our two male lion cubs have grown into adolescents, their manes coming into fruition – the battle for supremacy against their dominant black mane fathers, approaching any day now. We lost a lioness close to our hearts, Tswalu, and felt a deep sense of grief especially because she had birthed new lion cubs.

Houdini, the only remaining cheetah of 12 on the Reserve, has survived another year. This calculated cat evading attack by larger lions and leopards.

BFE the elephant has maintained his dominant bull status, despite his age of 61 years.
At the lodge, our new pool deck has seen many a cocktail shared, in the warm glow of African afternoons, while our Restaurant has been a place of indulgence, with the addition of incredibly enthusiastic new Chefs.

We have seen many heart-warming proposals, romantic escapes, and breath-taking weddings which all of our staff have had great pleasure being a part of.

We’ve seen birthdays, anniversaries and countless celebrations – but what we would really like to celebrate, as our year comes to a close … is you.

Thank you for being a part of our journey this year.