There’s something about a picture, captured in black and white, that adds a sense of nostalgia. As if, frozen in time, this was a moment with meaning.

Today’s morning spent out on the lodge was particularly successful and filled with meaningful moments. As a passionate and enthusiastic wildlife photographer, I am always looking for opportunities to capture special moments as well as to use the time out there developing my style and, if I’m honest, becoming friends with my camera.

The more time I spend surrounded by beautiful scenery and a wealth of animals big and small, the more I am reminded of the fact that the perfect pictures – the ones of a lion kill or a charging elephant herd, are not the only “great” pictures you can take.


For me, those hectic blink-and-you-missed-it moments are stressful. Yes, there are times when you do catch the shot of a lifetime and it was well worth it. But personally I prefer, or if I may say so, I am better at taking pictures where I am quiet, and present, in the moment: a mom and her infant walking along a river bank, unaware of my pointing lens; a sleepy face waking from a sun-filled afternoon nap; a light snack from a low lying bush or a quiet drink on a humid day; a lonely bloom adding a pop of colour to an otherwise khaki background…


These are the moments that say “I’ve been to Nambiti Hills and I’ve see the real beauty of it all”. It’s about capturing the moment, and experiencing it too. Close-ups, abstract objects, sunsets, horizons, bugs and flowers… no matter the subject, share your pictures with us. We’d love to see what caught your eye, and your heart, during your stay at Nambiti Hills.

Keeping capturing those moments. Until next time.

Ranger – Iris

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