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Why you should experience a Walking Safari.

Most people experience the beauty of the Nambiti Game Reserve flora and fauna from the comfort and safety of an open game vehicle. A game driver heads your adventure, describing what you see and introducing you to the wonder of the bush. Encountering an elephant or a pride of lions is an exhilarating experience that will

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World Ranger Day 2019

World Ranger Day is celebrated around the world on July 31st each year on the founding anniversary of the International Ranger Federation, an organisation that supports the work of rangers as the key protectors of parks and conservation. World Ranger Day is also a day to remember the many rangers who have been injured or

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King of the Pride Lands

Today the new ‘live’ version of the Disney classic ‘The Lion King’ will be released. And although it is a close copy of the 1994 animated movie, apparently there are a few updates and improvements which are truer to real life.  Disney did a pretty good job of representing nature accurately in the animated version.

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Wild Romance

For Kwazulu Natal and Gauteng couples, the good news is a luxury bush honeymoon doesn’t have to be a long drive away. The beauty of Nambiti Hills is that the five-star private game reserve is only three hours from Durban and four from Johannesburg. After the stress of the wedding celebration it’s time to take

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The Eco-tourist on World Environment Day

#BeatAirPollution is this year’s World Environment Day focus. The importance of nature reserves and protected areas in the #BeatAirPollution drive is crucial. These pockets of pristine natural environments help maintain balance and need your support. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that 92% of the world’s population now breathes polluted air. That’s nine out

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Disconnect to Reconnect

We seldom get the opportunity to simply disconnect from society – our screens, traffic, other peoples’ drama, deadlines, the hustle and bustle of everyday life… which can cause us to sometimes loose perspective on what’s important and “the bigger picture”. We live in an ever-connected world – sometimes filled with 18-hour workdays! Constantly demanded of,

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Recognising World Wildlife Day at Nambiti Hills

Nature enthrals us from a young age; as children, backyards become playgrounds filled with endless possibility. There, we become fairies, soldiers, pirates and royalty. If we are lucky enough to travel to a Game Reserve, this feeling is magnified, and our imagination is brought to life. From the moment we enter the gates, we are

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Love on the Reserve

In the world of lovers, courtship is done through many age-old traditions – we present our loved ones with flowers, we buy them chocolates, spend time together over sumptuous meals adorned with candle light – and for the truly expressive lovers, weekends away in the wilderness… But what does courtship look like in the wild?

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