August marks an important month for our nation. It’s a time where we celebrate the ladies who bring strength, beauty and kindness to all of South Africa. At Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience, we love hosting groups of empowered females who lift each other up, inspire and share love when we need it most. Here’s what makes Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience the ideal location to celebrate the ladies in your life, all year round.

2020 has been interesting to say the least…

Image courtesy of Gunter Lenz Photography

… And it’s only August! After what’s been a pretty strange year, why not make sure you make the most of what’s left? With lockdown and a global pandemic being the cause of a new kind of memory, it’s almost time to get back out, explore South Africa and celebrate mother nature in all of her glory. You might not know it, but a nationwide lockdown can cause a lot of stress both physically and mentally. A few nights away may be exactly what you need to reset and finish off the year strong.

Well-deserved pampering

Whether you’re traveling with the girls or with your partner, there’s always time for a visit to our Zolile Spa. With an array of luxurious treatments on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice. After choosing your treatment, you’ll be whisked away to a land of pure relaxation as you unwind and let all your stresses melt away. For many of us, this is a true pamper as we often don’t make enough time for indulgences like these. But why shouldn’t you? You deserve it. Plus, there’s nothing better than relaxing in a spa robe with the girls.

Celebrating all kinds of beauty

From the unspoiled bush to the beauty of the women in our nation and even our stunning suites, Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience is the perfect place to take it all in. You are beautiful and life is beautiful too. Why not count your blessings amongst the best of mother nature along with the special ladies who never let you down? There will be glorious sunrises, breath taking sunsets, fine-dining experiences and a chance to spend quality time with the friends that we’ve missed over lockdown. We’ll drink to that!

Come and celebrate with us

Ready to enjoy some downtime with the girls the Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience way? We’d love to make your stay an unbelievable one. To book your getaway, get in touch with us today by calling on +27 (0)31 333 6273 or emailing To view our Women’s Month Package and SA Resident Rate, please click here: