We seldom get the opportunity to simply disconnect from society – our screens, traffic, other peoples’ drama, deadlines, the hustle and bustle of everyday life… which can cause us to sometimes loose perspective on what’s important and “the bigger picture”.

We live in an ever-connected world – sometimes filled with 18-hour workdays! Constantly demanded of, moving from one place to the next, and always online, our days are busier than ever before.

Taking time to decompress and wind down is essential to keeping balance and contentment in our chaotic lives.  And what better way to slow your heart rate right down than with a stay at Nambiti hills Private Game Experience? Where the un-demanding pace of the lodge, staff and bush will calm you – mind, body and soul.

Disconnect from the busy world and reconnect to the natural world.

Find some perspective while being awed by mother nature as the game rangers take you on open vehicle Game Drives and introduces you to the gentle bush pace and the creatures who live there.

Amble over to the tranquil Zollie Spa for a calming massage…. And just breathe.

Once you have absorbed the slow rhythm of the grasslands, an unhurried evening of star gazing around the fire pit, a leisurely meal of carefully prepared delicacies and the best local wines, will be yours to indulge in.

Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience will spoil you. The staff, lodge and pristine environment create the perfect setting and atmosphere to ensure you disconnect from the demanding world and reconnect to nature and, ultimately, yourself again.

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