During the global pandemic, bad news has been all too common. But, we’ve decided to buck the trend and share a few positives that we’ve encountered over the last few months.

At Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience, there’s always a lesson to be found in everything we do. Whether it’s learning from each other or from Mother Nature, there’s a lot to be gained if we just open our eyes. Here are five things that we’ve learned during lockdown.

There’s so much to be shared

When we’re forced to change the way we live and lessen our contact with the outside world, we’re able to focus on those we’re in isolation with. For the four staff members currently at the lodge, this has led to some incredible experiences. They’ve been able to share more on their own cultures and as a result, four people from totally different cultures (Zulu, Shona, English and Afrikaans) have now learned more about one another. Experiencing each other’s favourite hobbies has also been a highlight as activities like fishing and photography have helped make lockdown far more interesting for our team.

There’s always something more to learn…

No one is ever done learning all there is to know and we think that it’s one of the most fascinating parts of being alive! Through learning new things on a regular basis, we’re able to expand our minds, enhance ourselves and take that knowledge forward when we share it with others. During lockdown, our “fantastic four” have been brushing up on identifying tracks, strengthening their cooking skills, getting to know the lodge and the reserve as a whole. Tatenda, our Lodge Manager, says that he’s taken this time to learn more about the reserve and as a result, can now move around the whole property  as confidently as the Rangers

Your only limit is your mindset

Over this time, the staff at the lodge have taken on some interesting new roles. This includes fixing cars, a first for Lucky, our Maintenance star. Johan, our Front Office Manager, says that housekeeping, gardening and even the deep cleaning of a lodge kitchen have been a challenge and a change in scenery from his normal duties. This goes to show that when you’re open to new tasks, you might just surprise yourself with what you’re capable of. Perhaps this is something we can all remember once the pandemic is over. Just because we’ve never done something or learned how to, doesn’t mean we can’t still try our best and maybe even conquer it.

Mother Nature is our greatest teacher

No matter how old we get, we can still learn a thing or two from Mother Nature. Graham, our Head Ranger, even showed Tatenda how to treat a fever with the help of Fever Tea or Lemon Bush. Scientifically known as Lippia Javanica or Msuzwane in Zulu, this indigenous plant is found all over KwaZulu-Natal. Graham loves this plant for its versatility. In terms of medicinal use, it’s good for colds, flu, sinuses, asthma and bronchitis. Boiling or steaming the leaves is a good way to alleviate congestion just by placing a towel over the bowl and breathing in the vapour. Graham even claims that when made into a tea, Fever Tea tastes even better than green tea! Crushing the leaves and rubbing them on your skin will also help to repel mosquitoes and ticks, while some  people even smoke it as a natural way to relieve anxiety.

We can always accomplish more together

It’s funny how spending time in isolation can make us realise what we had all along. Our team at the lodge are proof that teamwork gets things done and as long as we work together, nothing is ever impossible. We’re not sure about you but we can’t wait to put all these lessons to good use once lockdown is officially over.

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