Heritage can be defined as the full range of our inherited traditions, monuments, objects, and culture. At Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience we love honouring the diverse heritages of our staff, guests and nation as a whole. Whether it’s through cultural dress, local dishes and even inspired décor at the lodge, you’ll find rich heritage at every stage of a Nambiti Hills adventure.

With September marking Heritage Month and Heritage Day on 24 September, we sat down with three members of the Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience family. They shared aspects of their heritage and what these mean to them…

Kirsten – Guest Experience Manager

“I am proudly South African. My home language is English, but I went to an Afrikaans primary school and then an English high school, which gave me a greater joy of both cultures. Whenever National Heritage Day rolled around, everyone would line up from shortest to tallest in an orderly manner, all beautifully united to sing the national anthem, while the South African flag was raised high. I’ll never forget this. It was always a proud moment for me and whenever I think about it, I’m reminded of how wonderful and beautiful our country, and its rich diversity, really is. How lucky are we to stand together in love and unity?” 

Tatenda – Lodge Manager 

My favourite part of my Zimbabwean heritage is the use of the mbira (a musical instrument). The mbira is to Zimbabwe what reggae music is to Jamaica and in May this year, Google’s interactive doodle celebrated it as part of Zimbabwe’s Culture Week. The Shona name for the instrument is mbira dzavadzimu, which translates to “mbira of the ancestors.” In English, it’s known as the thumb piano or Lamellophone. Through the music of the mbira, the Shona people have been able to narrate their stories over hundreds of years and generations including ritual purposes. These include: 

Bongo – Head Chef

“Being a Xhosa man from the Eastern Cape, Heritage Month is a time to reflect on my upbringing and the values I’ve been taught. It’s important to keep these alive and help pass them on to the next generation. Sadly, due to lockdown, I haven’t been home for a while but I appreciate the South African renaissance of cultures that exist. Where food is concerned, I’m honoured to create flavours that represent the diversity of our nation. I hope to see Heritage Day evolve to become our version of Thanksgiving in which we bring and share a multitude of dishes that reflect our roots and what we are most grateful for.”

Come and enjoy a taste of heritage with us

Whether it’s through world-class dining or the call of the bushveld, our heritage is one we’re incredibly proud of. We couldn’t be happier to see our favourite guests again and we’ve certainly got lots of special treats planned to make every stay an unforgettable one.

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