At Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience, we love looking back on what makes every year a special one. Whilst 2020 has been tough for many, we’re not ones to dwell on negativity. In the wake of the global pandemic, we’ve still found several things to be thankful for. Here’s a trip down memory lane as we recap our year’s highlights…

The transfer of two new male cheetahs

Ensuring biodiversity on the reserve is always a primary goal for Nambiti. It’s why we’re incredibly proud of the two new male cheetahs who joined us in 2020. Not only are they great for our guests who travel to us for some exceptional big cat viewing, they’ll also keep the gene pool going strong for years to come. 

The birth of two lion cubs 

New life is always treasured at Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience but who can deny that lion cubs certainly are some of the cutest. This year, we celebrated the birth of two lion cubs who have since become one of our most favourite sightings on the reserve. Our guests have also enjoyed seeing these two grow and some have even been lucky enough to snap a few photos and videos. 

Ranger Graham joined the Nambiti Hills family 

We’re always on the hunt for the greatest talent when it comes to our lodge and rangers. When we came across Graham, we knew we’d struck gold. Not only is he a true lover of the bush, his knowledge and passion is exceeded only by his way with people. He’s an asset to Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience and many of our fans on social media will recognise him from the interesting videos we shared during lockdown. We can’t wait to see him grow from strength to strength with us. 

We welcomed our guests back again

As they say, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Over the course of lockdown we really missed sharing the lodge and the reserve with our valued guests. We were elated when it was announced that we could start hosting them all again. Our excitement was palpable as the first trips were booked and we welcomed our guests with open arms. Helping create unforgettable memories is what we’re truly passionate about, as is our love for the African bush. Nothing fills our hearts more than getting to share these with the public. 

Thanks for sticking with us this year 

To our fans and guests, we’d like to say a huge thank you for your support both online and through bookings. We know it’s been a difficult year, but together, we have certainly emerged stronger. If you’re ready to make Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience a highlight of your 2021, why not get in touch with us today? Feel free to call on +27 (0)31 333 6723 or email Alternatively, you can check out our latest specials here: