Elephants at dusk

When I think of the bush or safaris and game drives… one of the first things that comes to my mind, is the idea of camouflage. We spoke about it a while back when Reggie admitted he loved the whispered cheers of his guests when he was able to point out an animal so cleverly hidden in the earthy canvas.

Camouflage is an amazing tool, helping the animals to blend into their surroundings so that you can’t tell where the Buffalo ends and the mud begins…
Buffalo at Nambiti Hills

But what I love, is the reverse of this.
When everything you see is one tone, one shade, one canvas… and there, sitting quietly in the middle of it all, is the most beautiful Pop Of Colour. Whether it’s a brightly coloured bird, a speckled brown giraffe or a striking sun setting against a dark grey background, I always try to capture these “pops” on camera. Here are some of our latest finds. Enjoy.

Ranger Kelwan.
Birds at Nambiti Hills
Guinea Fowl at Nambiti HIlls

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