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You would have read about the passionate and charming Iris, in one of our recent blog posts. She is one of our rangers here at Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge, and it gives us immense pleasure to brag a little bit about her latest achievement.

Iris recently completed her regional Savanna Bird Specialist qualification with flying colours. No pun intended. After undertaking some tricky practical tests with Brian Serraro, CEO of Field Guides Association of Southern Africa, Iris is now the only bird specialist on the entire Nambiti Reserve! Our bird-loving fans are in for a treat.

Part of the gruelling tests to qualify included 3 theory tests where she had to identify 80 birds, 80 bird calls and 35 rare bird species. She then had to get out into the field and identify at least 100 birds, noting whether or not these birds were migrant or resident species; distinguish between a male and female bird; identify a particular bird call, and name any bird flying overhead.

If you know Iris like we do, you’d know just how excited she is. You won’t find a more passionate, more dedicated lover of wildlife. We are so proud of you Iris, and can’t wait for you to share your new found knowledge with the rest of us. Here’s to long game drives filled with flora, fauna… and of course, feathers!

Photography by Iris
Photography by Iris

Photograph by Iris Thiriaux