There are a lot of things that we love, here at Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge. Like the early morning wake-up calls from the chitter chatter of birds, or the welcoming warmth from the African sun as we laze about the pool deck, cocktail in hand. Or the smorgasbord of treats, freshly prepared on the breakfast table, and again at tea time. And then… fine dining spoils in the evening after an eventful day. The sight of the sun, making its way down the horizon and the first glimpse of night, filled with sparkling stars. So much to see, do and love. But right now, there’s one thing we love more than any of these things. And that’s… the smell of rain!

Revived, refreshed and rejuvenated; that’s the general feeling around the reserve, as vital rains have blessed us with their presence. In a time where not just KwaZulu-Natal, but the whole of South Africa is in drought, these plentiful rains could not have come at a better time. And as a result, the skies are grey but the mood is good.


The landscape has sponged up every drop, transforming itself into a glistening and vibrant canvas of green. Succulents hold onto rain drops and birds enjoy pools of water for playing and drinking. The smell of African mint bursts through the air as game viewers crush the abundant leaves that scatter the grounds.

Elephants can be seen in numbers, revelling in the aftermath of the rain; water fights and mud baths galore. Game chew on fresh grass shoots and dewy branches, and wade through soggy marshlands. Barren dust paths turn to lush trails and rivers overflow with life-giving water.

The days get darker a lot quicker as autumn sets in and prepares itself for winter. Hot chocolate is served and Amarula is enjoyed by guests wrapped in blankets and ponchos as they sit around the fire, welcoming the rains.

Join us as we take you on a discovery of fresh and rejuvenated landscapes. There is an abundance of wildlife to see as they rejoice in the change of season and the blessing of rain.