Summer at Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience is when the bush comes alive and is one of the most exciting times of the year to visit.

The vegetation is a lush green and full of life. The wild grasses, shrubs and trees are still adorned with their spring flowers. The Acacia tree shows off with fluffy, ball-shaped flowers. The afternoon thunderstorms are grand and dramatic, yet short enough not to interfere with your planned activities. Summer sunsets turn the landscape to shades of orange and pink as the sky puts on a colourful show. Food and water are plentiful during the summer season, so the animals and their spring babies are out and playful. And with our migratory feathered friends back in residence, summer at Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience is a perfect time for all bird enthusiasts.

South African grasslands (or veldts, as the locals call them) have the highest biodiversity and abundance of rare, varied and endangered creatures of any biome. The vitamin rich soil, abundant watering holes and perfect climate means the Nambiti Big 5 Private Game Reserve attracts more than half of all South African bird species, is home to large herds of animals like Wildebeest and Impala, and is blanketed with over 3,300 different plant species. Add all this life to the scenic splendour of the landscape and it is clear to see why Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience is such a sought after and incredible place to visit.

Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience and you, as it’s visitor, play a vital role in the continued health and survival of our unique Game Reserve. With your support, love and visits, we are able to sustainably conserve our incredible wildlife populations and continue to provide an unforgettable experience at any time of the year and, hopefully, for many, many years still to come.