To those who have ever had the pleasure of an adventure at Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience, you might have met Ranger Graham Adams. With his contagious smile and incredible knowledge of this bush, he’s become a firm favourite with guests. We asked if we could share a little more on him and his story with our followers and in true Graham style, we got a grin and two thumbs up.

As a level 2 trails guide at Nambiti Hills, Graham has over a decade of experience in the bush. This time has seen him work as a guide, trainer, manager and overall wildlife enthusiast, spending every day seeking new experiences, knowledge, adventures, and the next adrenaline rush with all of Africa’s incredible creatures. Having worked between Zululand, Botswana, the Kruger and now Nambiti, he’s honed his passion for walking safaris and the amazing microflora and fauna of the bush, something he shares wherever he goes.

The start of his career in the bush began after he left school with training on the Limpopo River, bordering Botswana. Although he was never exposed to the bush growing up, he always felt a calling to be part of it, a call we are so glad he answered. His lack of knowledge of the bush never stopped him. In fact, it only increased his hunger to know more about the land and the species who call it home. In starting his career from scratch, he would take guests out for the first time as a qualified guide and see many animals for the first time himself.

Starting out as an 18-year-old ranger with basic qualifications was tough for Graham, which is why he decided to attain further qualifications. He believes he’s stronger for this experience, along with other hardships he’s endured over the course of his life. Struggles aside, Graham believes in gratitude and in being thankful for each day, for his surroundings and a chance to do what he loves every single day. After all, he seems to think we humans lead mundane day-to-day lives and that the animals have it way better than we do. We’ve got to say… we agree.

His favourite part of his job? The co-workers might be wild (pun intended) but the office has a great view, the clients are fantastic and there’s no greater more rewarding industry to be in.

Meet Graham in the flesh and make a lifetime of memories at Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience when you contact us today.