It would be an understatement to say that the current times have been strange and unsettling. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us to stay at home and away from those we love most, many of us have a list of things we can’t wait to do once this is all behind us. From quality time with special people to travel and adventure, here’s what we’re looking forward to most. 

1) Enjoying our friends and family 

Separation from important people that we’re used to seeing on a regular basis has had a profound impact on our emotions. As a result, some of us just don’t feel like ourselves at the moment. Not to worry though, as not every storm can last forever. As soon as we’re able to, we plan to hug the ones we’ve missed and spend time catching up on everything we’ve lost out on during lockdown. There were birthdays, anniversaries and many other occasions that we didn’t get to celebrate. And even if there weren’t such milestones, being together again is the best reason of all to gather. From quiet breakfasts to humble cups of tea and even hearty braais, there’s so much we’re excited to share. Never again will we take these simple joys for granted. A hug from a friend, a kiss from a parent and even a smile from a stranger. We now appreciate human interaction more than ever and we can’t wait to express that in person. 

2) Taking in new things and experiences

For some of us, lockdown has shown us just how productive we can be. This has meant trying activities and hobbies that we previously claimed to have no time for. When lockdown is lifted, we plan to take the proverbial bull by the horns and expand our horizons in as many ways as we can. We’ll learn new languages, take cooking courses, finally try our hand at surfing (perhaps when winter is over) and even get a head start on training for that marathon. With this time in isolation bringing an entirely new perspective, we now understand what a gift our freedom really is. This shift in thinking will undoubtedly cause a shift in action too, as we all start to strive for greater things in life. When you’ve got the potential to pursue anything you want, why would you settle for anything mediocre?

3) Touring our own country

They say that travel leaves you speechless and then turns you into a story teller. There’s nothing quite like staring at the same four walls to make you realise just how much more you want to see. If you’re anything like us, you’ve used this time during lockdown to compile your very own bucket list. Unfortunately, international travel is still a while away as the rest of the world grapples with the pandemic and attempts to regain normalcy. Luckily for us, we happen to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With global adventures limited for now, there’s no better time to explore South Africa and see what’s in your “back yard”. From glorious mountains to celebrated wine routes, our nation offers something for everyone. Remember that trip to the bush you never got around to taking? Here’s your chance. Places like Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience are a great option and will give you the excitement of an overseas holiday with a less hefty price tag. In fact, we’re often the first choice for many international travellers looking for unforgettable memories steeped in safari luxury. Whether you’re passionate about wildlife or in need of a little rest and relaxation, we’ve got you covered with the Big 5, our Zolile Spa and first-class hospitality offerings.

We can’t wait to welcome you home…

Up until now, you’ve done the right thing by staying home and flattening the curve. As soon as we can, we’ll be pulling out all the stops to give you the warm Nambiti Hills welcome that you’ve been waiting for. To get a head start on booking your Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience, why not get in touch with us today? Call us on +27 (0)31 333 6273 or email us on