Another hot, adventure-filled month has come and gone, and as the year draws to an end, we’re always filled with feelings of gratitude as we look back at some of the magic of Nambiti Hills. Being a ranger means we get to interact with enthused wildlife fanatics from around the world on a daily basis: that’s you, our guests! PLUS… we get to show off our wild back yard filled with some of our most favourite animals.

Here’s a recap of this month’s adventures with some up close and personal moments.

Rock Python
Up close and personal… is not really something you want to be when you come across this Rock Python. Thank heavens for a super-sized zoom lens that allowed us to capture this intimate shot.

Elephant Feet
Those toenails! Somebody needs to take a trip to our magical Zolile Spa for an African Revitalising Foot Ritual.

Is it a tree? Is it a branch? No… it’s a beautifully silhouetted portrait of a Kudu ; weary of our presence and on the look out for danger.

Bird of Prey
Soaring high up in the cloudy skies on an impressive wing span, this over-sized bird of prey almost goes unnoticed.

Elephant Tusk
The iconic simplicity of a tusk and wrinkled skin. You can’t see it in its entirety, but you know what it is!

Ranger: Iris

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