At Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience, we’re proudly South African. This means we take great joy in celebrating our national holidays, like Women’s Day. With 9 August marking this occasion, we thought we’d chat to some of the ladies in the Nambiti Hills family to see what find out more about them and what makes South African women truly great. Here’s what they shared with us.

 “We appreciate each day and each other.” – Kirsten, Guest Services Manager

Kirsten believes that South African women are grateful for each new day as well as the possibilities and people that come with them. As a result, our nation’s ladies are hopeful, thankful and of course, always willing to lend a hand. 

“Taking care of the ones we love makes South African women great.” – Ncamisile, Hospitality 

Ncamisile knows that that the true definition of a woman is someone who gives of herself to make sure that others feel loved, seen and cared for. She has three children that she hopes to set a good example for so that their futures will be bright, too. 

“We know our values and we stick to them in all situations.” – Mpiloh, Staff Chef

For Mpiloh, being a woman is about knowing your values and making sure they’re upheld no matter what. It’s why she would describe herself as fearless, undefeated and determined. She says pain is part of life but women should never settle for any less than they deserve. 

“Our compassion knows no limits.” – Nozipho, Spa Therapist 

Nozipho is proud of our nation’s women and their abilities to show compassion, kindness and sympathy. For her, a woman’s ability to relate to those around her makes her more emotionally in tune and more inclined to offer support and a helping hand when it’s needed most. 

 Meet the incredible women of Nambiti Hills 

There’s no better way to celebrate Women’s Month than with a bush getaway at Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience. Ready to meet the ladies who make our lodge unforgettable? Book your stay now when you email or click here to view our latest specials.