Most people experience the beauty of the Nambiti Game Reserve flora and fauna from the comfort and safety of an open game vehicle.

A game driver heads your adventure, describing what you see and introducing you to the wonder of the bush. Encountering an elephant or a pride of lions is an exhilarating experience that will stay with you for long after you have left.

But there is little on earth quite like walking through big game country powered by your own steam.
Picking your way through the thick vegetation, in search for one of the majestic Big 5, leaves you feeling like a pioneer. And the thrill of being out in the open adds an extra element to the experience…

Walking removes the separation that a game drive creates, bringing you to the same level as the wildlife and land, increasing the feeling of freedom.

All your senses are heightened. There is no noise other than that of the insects, the wind and you moving gently through the bush.

The guides begin each Walking Safari with an all-inclusive briefing about how to behave when encountering animals on foot. The guiding ranger carries a rifle, more as a precaution than a necessity.

All you need for this 2½ – 3-hour excursion is some sunscreen, a hat, good walking shoes and your sightings checklist. Be sure to include your camera and binoculars!

And for those who want to make an occasion out of it, Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience also offers a picnic option, the perfect midway stop on your bush walk… Weather permitting, of course.

There is nothing more exhilarating than walking out in the open near big game.

Connecting with the surrounding environment and encountering wildlife, first-hand, is a rush and one of the bucket-list adventures on offer at Nambiti Hills Private Game Experience.