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If you’ve ever been on a Winter Safari, you will know two things.

The first thing is what a typical day involves. You start with a magical view, as the sun slowly rises and breaks through the low-lying mist on the horizon to reveal it’s gloriously warm rays. You spend many hours on game drives that are filled with an abundance of wildlife while taking as many pictures of the copper and golden brown landscapes that surround you. You soak up the warmth of the winter sun while you dine on the viewing deck and finally end off your day relaxing in the comfort of your luxury suite.

Beautiful Scenery

The second thing you will know about a Winter Safari… it’s cold!

Being a game ranger, I’m used to the nip in the air on these beautiful winter days. But so often I see guests come unprepared and just looking at them in their summer kit makes me cold. So here are a few tips for dressing on a Winter Safari.

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For The Feet
Closed takkies or boots are best – they’re also perfect if you want to head out on a guided walk. Long, thick socks are very useful for warmth and protection from the long, dry grass. I don’t recommend wearing slops or open toed sandals on game drives. Your feet will get really icy from the wind of the moving vehicles.

– A Go-To Jacket
An insulated parka, a bomber jacket, a hooded windbreaker… anything that will keep you warm and toasty on the inside. It does get warmer as the day moves on, so a jacket is useful because it’s easy to pull on and off as and when you need it. Plus, you can throw it over any outfit.

– Layer It Up
I always recommend layering. So start with a simple t-shirt or vest covered up with a long sleeve top, then add a jersey or jacket on top of that. You can always remove items as the day gets warmer.

– Leg Warmers
Jeans can be worn to keep the chill off in winter because they’re durable, tough and great for dusty game drives. But while long pants are a must, South African winters can reach a high of 25 Degrees at times, so I would recommend packing a pair of shorts for the early afternoon, just in case.

– The Extras
Hats, gloves, scarves, beanies… the works. There’s nothing worse than being unprepared. But don’t forget items like sunglasses and sunhats too. While it is cold, it’s also bright and beautiful and the African sun can still pack a punch.

– For the Ladies
There’s no harm in bringing something feminine to wear around the resort. Just be sure to throw on a pashmina or light cardigan to take the chill off your shoulders in the evenings.

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– Still no clue?
If you’re battling to find the perfect winter safari gear, or you accidentally leave yours at home, our Nambiti Hills Curio Shop is fully stocked with K-Way insulated jackets that offer the best protection from the cold. Available for men and women, they’re modern, comfortable and come with Nambiti Hills branding so that when you leave, you take a little piece of the African Bush with you.

I look forward to seeing you on your next winter safari.
Dress warm!

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